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We understand that cleanliness plays a big role in the perceived image of your facility. Our janitorial services team works with you, not only to maintain your building in impeccable condition, but to do so in the most cost-efficient manner possible. DSC Solutions has the knowledge, experience, and commitment to provide you with an impeccable facility for employees and visitors consistently, day in and day out.

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The DSC Difference

A team of industry experts. From senior management to field staff, everyone is just as committed to absolute customer satisfaction and empowered by years of experience and powerful resources. 

Proprietary Divisional Cleaning System

Traditional cleaning puts a lot of stress and fatigue on janitorial staff, often causing important tasks to be poorly completed or even overlooked. Our proprietary system ensures a systematic cleaning of all areas within our customer’s facility while reducing fatigue, improving attention to detail, and productivity.

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Comprehensive Training

Our janitorial services staff receives intensive and on-going training on cutting edge systems and cleaning processes by experts in various aspects of the facility maintenance industry, allowing us to place only the best in your facility.

Clear-cut Approach

Site supervisors work alongside with management to create clearly defined task sheets providing our janitorial staff with exactly what needs to be accomplished each day so absolutely nothing is missed. It is a two-purpose approach, by organizing the required tasks in such a precise way, site supervisors have more time to spot trends, make improvements, and corrections before any issues arise.

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DSC Solutions Professional Janitorial Services

Proven Quality Assurance Procedures

Our goal is not only to provide high quality janitorial services, but to do so in a consistent basis. Supervisors continually perform inspections and upload the results to the DSCLink server. Management analyzes all data collected and makes informed operational decisions, taking care of any deficiencies before they become a problem.

DSCLink Technology

DSCLink is the force behind our quality control operations, ensuring consistently high quality services in every facility. It enables us to collect data and provide customers with measurable results. Furthermore, its additional features improve efficiency, consistency and facilitate communication between our field staff and supervisors.

DSCLink app- proprietary technology

Customer and Visitor Focused Improvements

DSCLink allows us to conduct surveys by placing QR codes in the common areas throughout a building. Staff and visitors can scan each code and submit a survey regarding the service quality of the room, our system automatically creates a work order and notifies our site staff to correct any deficiencies found.

Environmentally Friendly Initiatives

We are proud to implement environmentally friendly initiatives. The team at DSC Solutions makes a continuous effort to research and adopt green cleaning systems and processes to decrease the impact our services have on the environment, and assist our customers in meeting their environmental needs.

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Why Work With Us

  • Proprietary Divisional Cleaning System

  • Proven Quality Assurance Procedures 

  • DSClink Proprietary Technology 

  • Experienced Management Support

  • Comprehensive on-going training  

  • Reduced Operational Costs 

  • State of the Art Equipment 

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